Thursday, December 16, 2010

Scared Horse

My horse is scared of just about everything! Water,weeds,going in the woods,going up hills even if small.Im not talking alittle scared i mean terrified to the point if you try and make her she comes up on her back legs to the point she almost flips over on you. She is a very sweet gentle horse in the pasture,and if you keep her on dirt roads she never acts up,as long as you can go around any water,and don't come up on things in the road, i guess the best way to put it is the only thing that doesn't scare her is grass,dirt,and rocks!! Do you think there is any hope?? Cause i'm about ready to give up and to be honest i'm starting to get scared of her.

Hello Christy,

I need a little more background information.

1. How long have you had her?
2. How old is she?
3. Who had her before you and what were her experiences with them?
4. What is your experience with horses?
5.has she been like this ever since you got her? Was she ever better?
6.Has she been checked out by a vet? Especially her vision?

There are desentization techniques that I think will be useful for your mare, but I need to have more information. Please contact me directly at

Thank You,

Mitzi Summers

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