Monday, December 20, 2010

Horse Hops in the Canter

she just started this - while at the canter she will hop with her front legs ever so often - she is more likely to do this on her right lead only - is it a sign of discomfort? This mare has had a bucking issue and now that is under control now this - we are thinking its just attitude again , Is there a way to stop her from doing this ?

Hello Jodi,

I would need to know a lot more information in order to give you an informed opinion.
I need to know her age and her past experiences and training.
I need to know your level of riding and working with horses.

You mentioned that she had had a bucking issue. This is often a sign of discomfort, lack of balance, saddle fit or bit problems, inexperience on the part of the rider, uneven ground, etc.

This is not meant to "put down" your expertise. I have been working with horses for many, many years and I still have so much to learn and I still take lessons.

Yes, hopping on her front legs mainly on the right lead may be a sign of discomfort or weakness. Do you lunge her? Correct lungeing can do wonders to strengthen a horse and look for problems. This means the horse is calm and responsive on the lunge line, not dashing about as you see some people do.

Write more details and I will be happy to try to pinpoint the problem for you.

Mitzi Summers

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