Monday, April 18, 2011

My Horse

My horse wont turn right. She is only 6. As far as we know she has had no foot or leg problems. We where wondering if this can be fixed. Thank you very much!

Hello Piper,

To be able to give you a more informed answer it would be helpful to have you send me more information through EXPERTS.

I presume this not turning right happens when you are riding her. Here are my questions:

1. Did you just start riding her?
2. Does she have difficulty turning right when you do ground work with her?
3. Does she have any physical/mouth problems that you know of?
4. What kind of tack are you using and have you checked its fit?
5. Who is riding her, and what is their level of expertise? Do they understand how to use their aids correctly (seat, legs, and then VERY LITTLE hand), in order to guide her?
6. You mention that as far as you know she has not foot or leg problems, but if this was not a problem before, then SOMETHING has caused a change. Horses have good reasons for what they do. It could be a back-mouth problem.

We need to determine the WHY if possible before we proceed.
Thank you and I will anxiously await more information.

Mitzi Summers