Saturday, July 17, 2010

A Critique from One of my Students

A Critique from One of my Students - I found this touching so I thought I'd share...

Dear Mitzi,

This is a small critique of my riding lessons on Turesday.

I have to say what my wife has been hearing from me. And that is the theory you teach me is more valuable that the pratical riding.

I say this, for example, last Tuesday by you stressing the hind legs of the hourse with my legs and body mesage inables me to communicate with him in "lenthening and controlling his stride. What this whole process does is to build my confidence and relaxing while sitting astrede the hourse.

In additon, when you take note of the physical condition of Lim this sends a message to me of both love and concern for the animal as well as establising mutual awareness and understanding beteen horse and rider.

But more important to me is that my personal life with young infants in interpreting their ways of communication has improred greatly as a result of you teaching hourse theory that inhances a communcating bond between hourse and rider.

Yours truly,