Monday, May 2, 2011

Friesian /Resistance

I recently purchased an 8 yr old gelding who has had training/1 yr of dressage training and trail experience. Previous owner had him in pasture with just an occasional trail ride since initial training. Resistance on the lunge; turning in and ignoring commands to move out. Some bucking and kicking out on lunge. Under saddle has been good up until the other day. He refused to canter when i got him. With lunging i got him to take it consistently but difficult to the right with cross cantering at times now. Have asked him under saddle numerous times now with good results other than cross cantering at start, especially to the right. He has been correcting himself. The other day i rode him in open arena at walk, trot and then sitting trot. At sitting trot he tenses up and anticipates canter work. I allowed him finally to take rt lead canter first and he went into it disunited and off balance. Crow hopped a little but instead of correcting it he continued to crow hop and then proceed to bolt. Saw opening in arena and did crow/hop bolting until he ran me into a fence and i took a very nasty fall. Now i don't trust him and don't know how to proceed. I have been riding for years. Dressage, jumping, western etc. He has a great temperament over all and this was very unexpected. Please advise.

Hello Marlene,

Your query starts off with the word "resistance" . Be careful that you do not carry this into your attitude about how to HELP your horse. I understand that now you are nervous about riding him, which is one of the reasons you need to keep doing ground work until he calmly and quietly can canter easily on both directions on the lunge line.
It is quite likely that his initial training had some inconsistencies and flaws in the progression of helping your horse.First you may want a vet/chiropractor to look at him to double check that physically there is nothing bothering him that is causing this difficulty.Then check out all of your tack and also your riding. I have ridden my whole life and I always look to myself first.
Your horse has "told" you quite clearly that he is having physical difficulty with the canter. It is not on purpose--he did not "make it up" to be resistant. Horse cannot do that. He has a reason for the canter difficulty and now it has led to his being nervous about it and losing his balance and thus your under saddle problem. My email is, and my web site is There are some articles that may help you on the site.
You need to "double lunge" him, and only canter when he is ready. It should be low key and correct lunge work, which means no chasing and large circles.Your should have calm energy.You may well already be doing this. I am just making sure of it.
Horse often buck and run if they are afraid of losing their balance, which is possible here. I will write more later. Please respond.

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