Monday, November 1, 2010

How do you break in a 8year old almost wild stallion?

There are four 8 year old stallions in the field next to our house 2 are wild 2 were broken in ages ago. I've been going out to see them a lot but I don't know how to break them in. They don't have any rugs or field shelters but if you could reply and help me I'd be pleased.

I have many questions to your question to help me understand your situation. Are they your horses? Why are they still stallions? Why are you deciding to work with them now?
If they are not yours, and they have no shelters, it sounds like a Humane Society has to be called in. They sound as if they have been neglected. You should not even attempt doing anything until they have all been gelded. Stallions running loose like that, in a herd, are too volatile until you have them gelded and then wait a couple of months for the testosterone to go out of their systems.
If you are not an experienced horse trainer, do not attempt working with them. If you have the resources to pay for a trainer, you need to do this judiciously. There are good trainers around who would not be abusive to these horses who know nothing, and there are "trainers" who would be most abusive.
You also HAVE to have correct facilities. The horses need shelters, and at the very least, a training ring. My email is, and my web site If you tell me more about your situation, I would be glad to try to help you out further.

Mitzi Summers

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