Monday, April 12, 2010

Whisper Wind CR Instructors Update

I am currently in Rome, NY giving a Centered Riding Instructor's Update which lasts for four days. The horses we are using are wonderful-,for example, several Fresians owned by Sus Chandler, an Andalusian and a Thoroughbred owned by Val Mcclosky, the stable owner, and the rest all horses with solid training. This helps greatly in a CR Clinic-when the students become more balanced, the horses are able to demonstrate a quick response.

All of the instructors attending are solid in their knowledge of Centered Riding techniques, but also carry a wealth of knowledge of just simply being out in the horse world for a long time and riding and teaching and learning. We had a spirited discussion on many techniques of using half halts correctly, which voluntarily carried on long after the clinic day was technically over.

I will share mnay of our discoveries when I can get online tonight....meanwhile, I have to leave to teach!

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