Thursday, March 4, 2010

Teaching at Thorncroft

Thoncroft Equestrian Center in Malvery, Pa., is truly an inspiring place.
By accessing their website or googling them, it is possible to view an impressive film about the place.

I am currently giving a Centered Riding Instructor's Update Clinic at Thorncroft. . I have ten CR instructors attending, with the requisite number of student riders and some auditors.

I had found before starting this clinic that I felt a bit tired from all of the driving that I have been doing, but as soon as I started teaching this clinic, all of the positive energy that I get from teaching returned.

I taught the instructors in two different sessions after a morning of introductions and groundwork. Then it was the Instructor's turn to teach. They teach in pairs-switching the principle instructor every other day.

For the most part the body work was very good, and all of the instructors have developed a good teaching "eye" that enables them to recognize what each individual student needs.

It was a long day. A few of the participants acttually drive 2 and a half hours each day one way, so that they can go home and care for their horses at home.. True dedication!

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